Bonnie…There is no question, and never has been with me, how wonderful you are…! You stuck by me for Dr Penfield and executed a miracle…so I have all the faith in your ability, personality, and just overall “wonderfulness”!!

I would recommend Bonnie

In referring seniors and families to the Lev-Tov Seniors Residence, Bonnie has always been the Number One advocate for both the residents and their families. She is a compassionate person, takes her work to heart, and follows up on the needs of her clients thoroughly and on a timely basis. I would recommend Bonnie to any person or family looking for placement in a long-term care facility

Forever grateful

Detroit USA Words cannot express my appreciation of what you did for my family. You went far beyond my expectations and I will tell you again how none of this would have been able to happen without your invaluable assistance. You did so much for my mother and you were there for me as well. As an only child, and living in the USA I don’t know how I could have put any of this together without your guidance, knowledge and support. I will be forever grateful.


Montreal Bonnie’s passion and perseverance in all that she does is EXTRAordinary. She just doesn’t stop until the job is done. She is relentless in meeting her client’s needs and leaves no stone unturned in the process. What more could anyone want?

Thanks for all the work

Toronto, Ontario Thanks for all the work you’ve done to find the best possible place for my mother to live in Montreal. On my many visits, I saw firsthand how difficult the transition was for her to move into an assisted situation, and of course each person presents their own kind of resistance and anxieties during the process. In our case, you showed a very patient and sympathetic side, but still pursued a very clear and competent assessment of all the circumstances. The first time you did this for us, my mother declined to move. Later on, when she absolutely had to move, you were able to adjust the search according to her new needs. By doing this, you quickly helped us focus on a small set of the most appropriate alternatives. I can’t tell you how much time and angst you saved us with your knowledge, experience and your diplomacy. With your assistance, we got Mom into a beautiful setting in very short order. We could deal with emptying her old home, without worrying about her health or security. Even though it took her some time to adjust to the reality, she was safe and well cared-for from day one. It also made a big difference to us that you continue to stay in touch, to make sure that things are still fine. We never know how long this experience will last. However my wife and I are comfortable knowing that Mom has become part of the daily life at her new residence, and it is giving her the best possible life right now. We hope you will continue your work and ease these transitions for many more people.

Thanks again for your help

Unknown Thank you for your sincere opinion you gave me concerning my dad. Your honesty and integrity will not be forgotten; it clearly shows that you care about the patients just like they were your family. Thanks again for your help.

I wish you continued success

Westmount, Quebec I just want to thank you for doing such a great job selling my Moms house. Your energy and focus were central in closing with the (at times) challenging buyer. Please don’t hesitate to put me as a reference for perspective clients, it’ll be my pleasure to let them know how impressed I am. I wish you continued success.

Bonnie’s extensive knowledge

Montreal, Quebec Bonnie Sandler has been the Counsellor for the Alzheimer’s spousal support group that I’ve attended for several years. Bonnie’s extensive knowledge, of the difficulties faced when a member of the family is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, has been of critical help to me before and after my husband was admitted to long term care.

I cannot thank her enough

Relocating my 95 year old mother from an independent residence, to an extended-care facility was a task i was not looking forward to. My sister and I had no experience with extended care facilities and we didn’t know where to start , or how to start.
I was lucky enough to meet someone who’s mother was placed by Ms. Sandler and was happy with her service.
I must say that i was blown away with the knowledge and professionalism exhibited by Ms. Sandler. After carefully interviewing my mother and myself and my sister, she was able to start the search based upon our mother’s requirements. Ms. Sandler took us a few types of care facilities and as any great real estate agent does, was able to deduce what kind of environment best suited our mother from our questions, concerns and body language.
Ms. Sandler then recommended a moving company which was first class in handling the move. They packed everything up quickly and with care, and detoured some of the goods to a non-profit organization. They were extremely well priced and showed up on time and was quite speedy in their delivery and setup. No slacking off here !
Thanks to Bonnie’s help, this stressful move was seamless and well managed and anyone in the same situation can certainly depend on her to take the stress out of life’s most difficult decisions. I cannot thank her enough

You’re My Hero

You’re My Hero, thanks again for all your help

Thank you

West Palm Beach, Florida I would to take this opportunity to thank you for your personal attention to detail in relocating our relative in Montreal. Being 1200 miles away in Florida and having you looking after the details was a lifesaver. We were a little apprehensive about you meeting our loved one without us being there but you did an amazing job getting her on your side which was a difficult thing to do given her condition. She called us after you met and said you are a wonderful person. A great compliment coming from her. When we came to Montreal to visit the places you suggested you picked exactly the right places to consider and the final decision we made was the BEST! She fit in immediately and the staff and owners were like family to her which is exactly what you said would happen after we made our decision. We cannot thank you enough for your kindness, compassion and knowledge of the market available to those of us who are not so fortunate and get this horrible disease. Thank you

Support and compassion

Westmount, Quebec Moving an elderly parent can be both challenging and emotional. Ms. Sandler provides knowledgeable advice, has extensive knowledge of available services, and she has passion and empathy for the families she helps. Her support and compassion were invaluable.

Exceptional work

Westmount, Quebec Having no experience in selling a property, we were very fortunate to have been referred to Bonnie Sandler. Not only did she sell our property in record time at full asking price, but she guided and supported us throughout the entire process. We felt well protected. Bonnie goes beyond her duties as a real estate broker, she assisted us with finding a new apartment and arranged the entire moving process right down to having our property emptied and cleaned out. Bonnie stayed with us through the entire process, accompanying us to the notary and followed up to ensure that all was in proper order. We can’t imagine having done this without her exceptional work.

We won’t forget you !

We decided to sell our condo 3 months ago. As a french couple living in south of France now, it could have been a real challenge ! Having no experience in selling a property in Quebec, we were very fortunate to have been referred to you, Bonnie Sandler. We just want to thank you for doing such a great job selling our apartment in Cote Saint Luc in less than one month, everything included. Your energy and focus were so important in dealing with this tough buyer’s broker. Don’t hesitate to put us as a reference for perspective clients, we would be so pleased to let them know how professional you are. You guided and supported us throughout the entire process. We felt really well protected as you stayed with us through the entire process, accompanying us to the notary and giving us so much valuable guidance! Your knowledge, your passion and your support were invaluable. We won’t forget you !

Personalized service

Montreal, Quebec I want to express my gratitude to you for the wonderful job you did in finding my sister the perfect home. Because she is a smoker and the owner of 3 cats, this was no easy feat. You researched two cities and found the ideal place in Montreal and you were a total pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend your services to anyone wishing to relocate. You understand each person’s needs and really provide a wonderful, personalized service that is so needed.

I recommend Bonnie’s services

Bonnie and I have worked on the closing of the Griffith McConnell Senior Residence in 2010. I supported Bonnie in an urgent project to relocate several Seniors who found themselves homeless. While working with Bonnie, I saw her incredible qualities as a caring devoted Social Worker. Every step that was necessary were taken to provide her clients with the best care possible in finding them a home that was appropriate for their required level of care. Bonnie is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to any services related to Seniors’ well being. Until this day, I continue to recommend Bonnie’s services either for social work and/or if in need of a trustworthy Real Estate Broker to help Seniors with the sale of their home. Her knowledge in this area can truly make a difference for how events will unfold should one need to downsize, and without a doubt will every important detail be looked after in order for a smooth transition to occur.less

Empathy and knowledge

Some years ago my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I didn’t know where to turn and than I met Bonnie, thanks to her insight,
Empathy and knowledge I was able to endure one of the most difficult times. I will forever be grateful to her. Whatever job Bonnie
takes on she follows through to the end.

Thank you Bonnie

Thank you again for your kind and impeccable service!

Super thanks

Dear Bonnie, Thanks so much for being a trusted and valuable expert who we are always happy to see-we treasure your friendship, With very best wishes and super thanks,

Dearest Bonnie

Thank you for finding us the most beautiful and perfect home. You are the best! And of course welcome to visit anytime

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