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Elder-Aide Associates

Elder-Aide- consist of a team of accredited professionals with backgrounds in law, accounting, finance, real estate & social work. The Elder-Aide team has special interest in the protection & the care of the elderly. The following services are available through Elder-Aide: 

  1. Relocation services to seniors's residences for autonomous/assisted living/long-term care;
  2. Real estate services;
  3. Financial & Estate planning, investment advice;
  4. Advice on wills, powers of attorney & mandates of incapacity;
  5. Appointment of a tutor, a curator or an advisor
  6. Psychosocial assessments for homologation of mandates;
  7. navigation through the Quebec Health & Social Service Network.


Bonnie Sandler

Residential Real Estate Broker, Housing Consultant for Seniors

514 497-3775