Thanks for all the work

Toronto, Ontario Thanks for all the work you’ve done to find the best possible place for my mother to live in Montreal. On my many visits, I saw firsthand how difficult the transition was for her to move into an assisted situation, and of course each person presents their own kind of resistance and anxieties during the process. In our case, you showed a very patient and sympathetic side, but still pursued a very clear and competent assessment of all the circumstances. The first time you did this for us, my mother declined to move. Later on, when she absolutely had to move, you were able to adjust the search according to her new needs. By doing this, you quickly helped us focus on a small set of the most appropriate alternatives. I can’t tell you how much time and angst you saved us with your knowledge, experience and your diplomacy. With your assistance, we got Mom into a beautiful setting in very short order. We could deal with emptying her old home, without worrying about her health or security. Even though it took her some time to adjust to the reality, she was safe and well cared-for from day one. It also made a big difference to us that you continue to stay in touch, to make sure that things are still fine. We never know how long this experience will last. However my wife and I are comfortable knowing that Mom has become part of the daily life at her new residence, and it is giving her the best possible life right now. We hope you will continue your work and ease these transitions for many more people.

Bonnie Sandler

Courtier immobilier résidentiel, conseiller en habitation pour les aînés

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