I cannot thank her enough

Relocating my 95 year old mother from an independent residence, to an extended-care facility was a task i was not looking forward to. My sister and I had no experience with extended care facilities and we didn’t know where to start , or how to start.
I was lucky enough to meet someone who’s mother was placed by Ms. Sandler and was happy with her service.
I must say that i was blown away with the knowledge and professionalism exhibited by Ms. Sandler. After carefully interviewing my mother and myself and my sister, she was able to start the search based upon our mother’s requirements. Ms. Sandler took us a few types of care facilities and as any great real estate agent does, was able to deduce what kind of environment best suited our mother from our questions, concerns and body language.
Ms. Sandler then recommended a moving company which was first class in handling the move. They packed everything up quickly and with care, and detoured some of the goods to a non-profit organization. They were extremely well priced and showed up on time and was quite speedy in their delivery and setup. No slacking off here !
Thanks to Bonnie’s help, this stressful move was seamless and well managed and anyone in the same situation can certainly depend on her to take the stress out of life’s most difficult decisions. I cannot thank her enough

Bonnie Sandler

Courtier immobilier résidentiel, conseiller en habitation pour les aînés

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