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On turning 25, and what the future holds

23 Oct 2011
Bonnie Sandler S.W., The Senior Times – October 2011

Who better to write about turning 25 than my favourite (and only) niece, who just celebrated her 25th birthday? Readers, meet my niece Loren: Having just turned 25 a few weeks ago, my aunt, who is a columnist for The Senior Times, thought it might be interesting for me to write an article for the newspaper’s 25th anniversary. I thought she was joking; I didn’t think I had any perspective on senior life. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how strong my connections are and how so many others my age probably feel the same way.

At 25, I am lucky enough to still have a grandmother who is a. strong presence in my daily life. She is the kindest, most generous, and definitely the most stubborn person I have ever met, and is also the all-seeing and all-knowing matriarch of our family. There is nothing my grandmother wouldn’t do for my brothers, my cousin, or me. I have countless memories of Friday night dinners at her house, followed by sleepovers where Nana would tickle my back no matter how tired her hands were from cooking all afternoon. With two working parents, carpool fell into my grandmother’s hands. She’d ask what time we would need to be picked up, and then arrive at least a half an hour early (complete with a pompom on her antenna to make sure we were able to see her), just to be sure she had the best parking spot.

These days, as we grow older as so does she, it is our turn to repay the infinite favours she lovingly paid us.

My grandmother now comes to our house for Friday night dinners, and begrudgingly lets us drive her around.

Although her pride sometimes stops her from taking joy in these times together she does at least admit her pleasure in having her grandchildren helping out by her side. I so enjoy walking arm in arm with my Nana and would gladly tickle her back, too, if she’d only ask.

At my birthday dinner, when I was asked if I now felt old, I smiled as I looked around the table at the three generations sitting together. At 25, with my whole life ahead of me, I have never felt younger, more alive, or more appreciative of all the wisdom and experience that surrounds me every day.

Although my mother will shoot me for saying that many of my grandmother’s qualities were passed on to her, and I’ll never admit that these same qualities were passed on to me as well, I am so fortunate to have them, and if I turn out to be half the woman my grandmother is, I’ll be one very lucky senior. So, turning 25 is something to celebrate, as is enjoying the blessing of sharing life with a grandmother.

Thanks Loren, with love, Auntie Bonnie. And thank you, Senior Times, for the wonderful opportunity to share my thoughts with so many loyal readers.


Bonnie Sandler

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