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Moving day

20 June 2019

July 1st is not just the Canada Day; it is also, in Quebec, the moving day.

Indeed, it is customary, for many tenants, to schedule his move on July 1st.

Why is this date synonymous with mass movements from one appartment to another?

This frenzy in the streets is a custom that goes back to the days of Nouvelle-France. In 1750, François Bigot (the last intendant of New France) promulgated an ordinance establishing a single day for the end of leases and moving.

The law on leases set a standard end of lease date on April 30th or May 1st.

In 1974, a bill repealed the law of leases and created, at the same time, the Régie du logement du Québec. Transitional provisions provide for the automatic extension of current leases during this period to end on June 30, 1975 (instead of April 30 for a mandatory renewal until April 30). As a result of this transition period, the new bill allowed landlords and tenants to agree on the end date they wish.

Only a majority has taken the habit of renewing leases on this date of June 30th, even though there is no longer any obligation.

It must be recognized that this period has many advantages because at this date:

- the school year has just ended and makes it possible not to change schools for children from families wishing to move;

- the good weather is well installed;

- July 1st is a day off.

Moreover, on this subject, it is common to note that most of the moves are made in the day of July 1st, you should know that most leases end June 30th at midnight. People therefore show accommodation each other (outgoing and incoming) to facilitate every moving this day.

We wish you a good move!

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